Moneros coinbase

Thank You for Your fast Response.:) Always love to be here in Polo:).GameChanger: So there are only 10 times less GNT then ETH.price seems cheap to me.Katoomer: Xoblort, Yes switched the prices in the S and L windows both went straight to the order book.Oldgamejunk: kunkle712, Lets keep it civil in the box please, thank you.Koteeswaran: biodork, i am really happy with your support team.

Watchtower: ZWhale, yes, trading with emotions can be really dangerous:).Hal: ac0697360, you forgot dash is a premine scam and bad crypto:P.You can get lucky sometimes when there are obvious opportunites (e.g. ZEC at start).Bdead: Unac, bandwagon effect, people buy dash because they see other people do it.

Nordman: terrybeth, Priapus, the algo works that way to discourage mark farming just to let ya know.AbyNormal: lobujit, well, my vision of dash classic would be DASH launched from block 0 without instamine.BrainStormer: biodork, Watchtower, Look GNT was added yesterday.Xoblort: JohnsJohnJohnny, On the exchange-market you only pay fees on orders that are completed.RainstormGBok: they shoukd stop trading with this website until it is working unacceptable.There was discussion last week on the dev channel that it will be eased out of closed beta some time soon.Skrawberries: Fake buy wall at 2800 pulled, and placed at 2700. and people still think GNT is not being propped up.

Kaitokid: billbobob2684, dont get me wrong XMR is good tech but not pissoble for mass adoption imo.Watchtower: Burst3000, in this age where lawyers carry POS all around, am sure there is. lol.SleepySkiesCole: Anyone, the buy orders on GNT look good but they keep getting pushed through.Watchtower: lordcaptainbradley, i like my sleeps, and scary things dont allow a sound sleep.:).Banhammer: chikatot banned for 3 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.ZWhale: Watchtower, sorry mate, I should trade without emotions:).Mufasa: moment its all revealed ill probablyy be incriminated.

Nordman: kneedrag, this one is commercially available at a one time price, been around for many years.JacquesLeGrand: I knew I shouldntve bought into a crypto with a name as stupid as Golem.Xoblort: onlinehandelen247, please do not spam like that in here.Watchtower: Herbalist, dont blame someone for wanting to make a quick profit,:).Anondran: nobody is even talking about BELA yet its rising, thats what I call a natural growth coin.ZWhale: its a cryptoworld, yesterday you winning, today you losing.Jammeen: Gravychain, yeah instamine is actually great because it made him rich.Bazaar: maikelban, interesting. wonder what this new fork is all about.CryptoBitSeeker: humbrie, lol bitcoin model is working, 14 billion dollars worth of value.

AbyNormal: lobujit, well, miners create blocks at a price, and those are not sold for free.Woodstock: 44metric, it better catch every leap, because its a long way down.Mufasa: a lot of undercoverfs that vast majority def not aware of and wont believe it.Watchtower: noobtrader, lets not start encouraging FUD posts please.TheThinker: GNT is actually not funny any longer - downward trend is too strong.

Xoblort: peacebeuponallmessengers,.thank you for your patience in the mean time.Xoblort: Talking about pump groups or announcing pumps is not wanted here.TheThinker: angelitto, a lot of people thanks me that I cautioned them not to buy GNT.Sometimes the rate stop shows in my Open order and sometimes they go right into book.I am sure it is a lovely coin with great potential and not a scam at all.FearNGreed: angelitto, no the chart makes me not want to buy GNT not the fud.

Kakarachi: CryptDoH, she got interviewed on bitcoin uncensored and then admitted dash was just a get rich quick scheme.Mufasa: sure keiser is very aware and he def acted in a you cant touch me fashion. knew they wouold never pursue certain things or keiser cus they knew its not him but.Xoblort: btcnerd, maybe I was too fast there, have fun and thank you.

Dazman: Wolfofbitstreet, It IS a quantum particle called a graviton.Lots of things going for them right now, latest update works very well, think we are nearing full release.Herbalist: firefighter, lol atleast satoshi has not touched it yet.Gravychain: Zebra, i was making a point. i dont think dash is a scam.Fibonacci12358: You could be right about sdc. but XMR is way high on the radar.Mufasa: Saturatedfat, collected data on a lot of businesses and people. accessed cams mics. traced source.Zebra: Cthulhu, ok. thanks. nevertheless the daily trade volume of dash is increased recently.Ali.sofyansah-0e50: lol GNT will lose its reputation with this kind of thing.