Buy dashs with paypal uk

SideShowBob: Nordman, have you noticed that there are new very pink nicks here.hmmm.CryptoPotato: PooSlingingFoo, good so far.great overview of the future.Shamoo: Girzan, they wanted you to sell, now theyre buying cheap.Priapus: jayvcent, google it all over the news and they are doing live conference.Xoblort: Alfie, please tell your friend to submit the ticket,too.

Xoblort: EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome, take your time and read all, ask in here please.Conradhann1: dash is taken me straight to the bank for the ahahahha.JDM: Shinn, wall of coin is not bad it seems shady but it realy isnt.

Agent86: stotoyan, Mostly monero cultists calling dash a scam but they call just about everything a scam.SideShowBob: back in 1972 Bruce Springsteen came to my house to play with a band i was working for to see if we could use him.he was the drummers cousin and we told him no.Coinmaker: BathrobeBillionaire, why you think that. and whats your short then.Whiskeydink: u guys talking about eth like is new, people know what it is, it the coin that bin all over for last 2 years.ReginaxGeorge: apparently you can buy dash on wall of coins now.too. so that should make it go up. a little more.

Oracle13: its time, monero, the buy side have a good support. something on the move.:).Banhammer: ultramode banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.

MrChow: Petertoddsghost, the year of bitcoin works just as well haha.TheChandler: scottnations, There is none dash has to create a new top.Agent86: Petertoddsghost, Yep, I told fluffy as much not long ago.

JDM: terrybeth, there ya have it, take them both and reduce the decision.Zebra: wbe4ever, i do not play games, so for a change you are right I have no idea how to play them.JohnsJohnJohnny: BTC is at 1197 in, thats a good trade.CryptoPotato: SideShowBob, love music.picked up playing the drums at 13.great memories with the bands and playing gigs.Xoblort: furnett0716, Once you get the confirmation you should see it on this page as pending.Agent86: lunae, True but there is some overlap between whales and devs.

Agent86: poelstrarick, Anything is a risk but the one with the highest reward would be btc but the ETF has been given low chances of approval.Pink: Mirai, yes, specifically links other people are succesful at posting.Agent86: Would be nice if they removed steem from the ETH market and added dash.Magically receive 45% of everything that is mined, buy more masternodes with this income.TheChandler: CryptoWarehouse, The locken festival lol Its in August.Agent86: Imagining a drug dealer sifting through the monerod cli.

SokaMyohoSeattle: Add more coins to trade in the ETH market, please.SideShowBob: terrybeth, you know too much old skool for it not to be.Shamoo: MayPine, wow i forgot i set buys at 25k, thanks for making look at icn again buddy.Enforcer: BathrobeBillionaire, the banks will dvelop theyr own private blockchain, dont think it will be run on eth network, so where is benefit for eth.CryptoAndCoffee: Goodnight people, happy trading:) Hoep I wake up to my account not having liquidated haha.Priapus: wbe4ever, thats serious list of top fortune 500 companies backing it.Mirai: youcanonlydothisonce, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.Whiskeydink: ChairmanDAO, eth hasnt bin excepted much places so bitcoin has a lot more uses atm.

DalalBuffet: ETCisthewinner, I think both are different and can co-exist. until ETH becomes better. then it can eat into dash.ChairmanDAO: EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome, man.that was one of the first things i thought when i learned about ethereum.just think.Banhammer: amrutrk1987 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Agent86: Ok, which of you trolls are listening to the conference.Zebra: Anondran, supply is very limited only 14k left on polo.Xoblort: salvador.lobo, If you have previously changed your username this option will not be present but you can try.KinderChocolate: Jeez. the value of my holdings just keep going up and up.:).

CryptoMind: maxcode.doo,:) We need to speak english Mirai, says:D.Priapus: wbe4ever, i wonder if everyone gets how big this eth thing is.

BathrobeBillionaire: Juan1Ponce1De1Leon, ETH is just resting.For a long time we rented because we couldn't afford to buy a. (LOC) are now online. Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism told International Business Times.Banhammer: Psicoin banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Bigolas.Th3H4lf50ul: what just happened with the bitmex coin etf futures contract.BlueStinger: everyone just stop selling eth for less than 20 bucks for just one day.Zebra: Priapus, will probably have enough resources to run them.