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CryptoBuc: Yukerboy, Any of the cavs against Phoenix tonight would work too.YouCanTrustMe: FreakinJohn, read this sums the value proposition up.Woodstock: After 3 months of research, the bottom of my list for investments are dash and ZEC, yet here we are in a world where they are popular and trump is president.

RiSCiSO: 2ez28u, putting timelimits on when people can touch their money wont work.GodAlmighty: lennontime, only coin you can safely buy it with.SideShowBob: so when i got out i was a different person and chose not to be so evil and rooted out those vultures one at a time.SideShowBob: Scotty, that only means you dont have to go anywhere.SideShowBob: j33hopper, mabe if you dint bludgen em all it would be less of a mess.Unlim8ed: dvsbmx, banhammer is when you get hit in the pink bits.

BigRedD2ddy: Koyaanisqatsi, to my Nigerian Prince friend, hold on let me find that email.Think about what brought btc to here and think what will take it the next leg up.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, I would like one of these coins to get away from btc as an onramp.integrate stripe or skrill.Banhammer: H7USHKA banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.AlmostGenius: angryseagull, Who knows. stratis already moved nicely again.FreakinJohn: Hey does anyone know why it will take me 213 days to get rewarded STRAT.Khilone: Tomorrow an official post will be made onto the website and other mediums.FreakinJohn: pantokrator.azib, does adding nodes speed it up.VenCap: stratis has the biggest potential of any coin here, next few months will prove that.

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ShamPooSham: I have a feeling dash may break ATH within 2 weeks.MarketMaker42: On February 7th, Cryptocurrency will never be the same.Msaghirmd: I agree, thioridazine dash price increase is bizarre.CryptoBuc: when you realize you missing out on all the pink, lol.Britbear13: why would you use dash to buy something when its value could drop immensily at any second.Banhammer: Pap0u banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.

Tempers: stephenmac7: if they can get the vaults going maid could replace Google, Facebook, and Dropbox all at once.WhaleOrNot: biodork, Are you aware of minimum ammounts of btc to offer for lending.RiSCiSO: iloopholekid, if btc is worth 1000 and it will fluctuate by 5 or 10 in ine day. money can still be made without volatility.SideShowBob: lookup, when i gave it to you it was at 839 and has already made money just sitting but you can make even more.

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VenomGhost: granger7, Volume and down the graph you have the MACD.VenomGhost: BigRedD2ddy, Caps off please if you feel there is an error somehow Please file a support ticket at.SideShowBob: lookup, good idea however even with just 6 btc 20 dollar swings can make a quick 100 then you inch up the holdings.

Arszilla: and type forwardslash a forwardslash 2GZMT VenomGhost.Cruznik02: thas because there are 2 coins that look identical.Shes giving me 84 percent, and 16 percent is going towards taking care of children.Banhammer: nixology banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.VenomGhost: chrisg1912, The oops message is related to how your email provider handles the redirection nothing to worry about.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, You are a lover of another coin.You struggle to be objective when that happens.

VenomGhost: CryptoBitSeeker, Yes there are some patterns although crypto can be deceiving sometimes it defies any logic lol.Britbear13: lobujit, XMR and ardor, but mainly xmr, xmr,xmr.Khilone: godfather, offcourse stratis will be here for the long haul.Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, thats a joke in the worlld of finance, that is not going to cause mass adoption.SolarPowered: LongTermInvestor, Lets please not start that spam.GodAlmighty: RiSCiSO, China can shutdown miners any time they want.

CCollado: GodAlmighty, thunderwolf, gonne give it shot, I like what I see so far.LordOfTheDogs666: Wyattiverson, na clen them once a day atleast.SR4: theBunk, i hate paying attention to trash too,but cant resist adding to my short every morning with these prices. free money.TalesFromTheCryptKeeper: crypjunkie, unfortunately for me im waiting on a hopeful SC rise tomorrow once they release their new info as well.XMR has privacy by default--the blockchain is a black box by default.

I let all my regular haunt cashiers know about bitcoin through shift when I got the card. lol.Tradechat Archive 2017 Jan 19 Page3. - Press ctrl+f on your keyboard and enter. wow. i just found out that there are stocks to invest in that are for maryjane.DustOff: lennontime, in greece i noticed that greek breakfast consists of coffee and cigarette:).Abecedarian: lobujit, I am always logged in but rarely post anything.SR4: Khilhone, right, stratis feels like fresh air for crypto.

CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, Truth be told dash is farther along than monero.I only us it on a pullback thats unjustified like XMR 50% retrace and I got back in.VenomGhost: mineriacrypto, And you pay with your local wallet (Tip: You could probably raise the fee for faster processing).This will be a remarkable start for you, and it will be imprinted on your cortex: never use margins:D.CryptoCatfish: lennontime, Ya.He is butthurt right now.But we a re going to hug it out.CryptoCatfish: lennontime, Risk reward is garbage at that level.Just a loyal supporter from day one:) and a long term investor.VenomGhost: mineriacrypto, Im sure youll get more options if you ask the trolls.

Hal: Alzheimer, its not private by default therefore it isnt private at all, or fungible.In my eyes the best project, and for investors as well due to the undervalued aspect.Why then does China market news move btc down almost 50% in 1 week.StocksnBlondes: RiSCiSO, especially the ones that own casinos x).LongTermInvestor: yeezytrades, i agree btc is very important but the incumbents are finding their own way to make money out of this.Cruznik02: Snorlax, v noone mines those x coins there all no profit.SideShowBob: lookup, i use the gdax which if done right has no fees.Banhammer: jose-398e banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.