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Quote from: duyduc256 on July 27, 2017, 04:13:40 AM I would definitely choose 10 ETH instead of having to choose 1 BTC because according to my prediction ETH will grow because of being more used than BTC.Bitcoin, How we got where we are today. By: CoinCheckup - The Crypto Analysis, Price predictions & Investment Stats. Find this Pin and more on Investing Infographic.But, Following the Segwit events on August 1, I think we should more care about ETH at least to being secured.Bitcoin has serious scaling and fee issues it needs to deal with.Quote from: giveen on September 07, 2017, 06:51:36 AM Now i would surely recommend you to buy 10 eth.But this is about the price, but as for the functional, the etherium can have advanced positions in the future.This Pin was discovered by Luke Goedecke. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.I think ETH better trading market move up and down all the time, very easy to make money according to me.

BTC and ETH are good, but slow transaction confirmation times and a thoroughly congested network.Making the assumption you were to be gifted one and could not sell it for 5 years I would take the ETH.Whomever programmed those LED suits deserves a huge chunk of the credit as the. return on all games with instant. Coin Surpassing the Ethereums.Tradechat Archive 2017 Jan 19 Page3. Home / Tradechat / Tradechat Archive This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.Regardless of how good new altcoins are, the bitcoin position in the bitcoin market will not be a substitute.Quote from: mpeis007 on January 18, 2018, 05:40:30 PM If Ethereum goes anywhere close to succesfully implementing any of the impactful upgrades to their network as they have pending for 2018(Casper,plasma etc) then 1k per ETH seems VASTLY undervalued.If you ask me, both have their use cases and their use cases are not the same.Someday It may go close to the price of Bitcoin, so 5 ETH might be equal to 1BTC.Therefore i would invest in ethereum rather bitcoin now because the price is to high now.

For me both eth and bitcoin though bitcoin is the best investment still I will invest in Eth.Saving Screens is available for members only. Please register and / or login to save this screen Login.Both of them are good coin so you should not be worried about risks.

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But if you want to cash out this year then probably 10 ETH would be a better choice.I compare the bitcoin and eth prices at the moment. eth prices in few months continue to grow. and btc prices have increased in the last few months and currently the price of btc is down. if I have the funds, I will invest my money in for 2 coins.I would definitely choose 10 ETH because I think in future ETH will be more used, especially in large projects, even ETH can overcome Bitcoin if ETH market continues to grow strongly in time forthcoming.Seems eth now is currently dump but for sure it willl recover.

Moreover at the moment the price of ETH is quite low, you can grab 13 ETH with a BTC.This will make ETH price back to last year price There are many other applications too.Which one to buy depends on a lot of factors I think bitcoin is going to grow a lot in the next months so I will choose bitcoin but then I will change to ETH since I think that despite the great amount of market cap that it has lost I think it is going to eventually recover it so it is a good investment after bitcoin reaches its top price in the next months.Maybe not over valued but nobody can say that ethereum price is cheap now.

Bitcoin is a crypto currency that change its value everytime but compared to eth, it has a larger value.Both have the potential to increase, but if you want to buy and save it first, I advise to choose 1Btc that you have to buy.

Investing in both is the best way to avoid unpleasant things happen.Buy bitcoin with half your money, buy ethereum with half your money.The truth is, ETH can not catch up with BTC, the distance is too big.So both of them has great demand when it comes to value in coming days.I agree, practically everyone would choose 1 btc over 10 Ethereum based on the huge gap increase of bitcoin from January till December this year so most likely people would think they can benefit more with bitcoin rather than that of Ethereum.There are pretty good icos with much more potential than btc or eth.

Definitely both are awesome coins with huge investment return potential.If your are talking about right know I will go for 1 btc or else 10 ETH in future like 5-8 years later maybe.If I am in order picking 10 or 1 ethereum bitcoin I chose 1 bitcoin and 50% of the bitcoin I would invest so that I could make it again and I was living in the House to sit back waiting for the price of the bitcoin peaked and I was going to sell him.Quote from: Mariya03 on September 19, 2017, 09:53:45 AM 10 Ethereum or 1 Bitcoin.When eth raised all of a sudden its been suggested as a temporary growth, but the same has been lasting long.

Its better to unvest the half of your money in bitcoin and the half will be in ethereum because this two have big potential to increase more in the future.Better to keep your private keys away from computers and do every transfer on clean pc You do not necessarily.I think both of them will give a promising advantage, especially if you intend to invest in a long time, but if I were you I would choose 1 BTC rather than 10 eth.And other 1500 dollars is for the ethereum and for sure you will earn a lot o fmoney by holding this coin for few many years.If 10 ETH is your budget, go 5 ETH and 0.5 BTC. If you like riskier bets, then spread 10-20% of your budget on promising altcoins, such as AiCoin.For me, I will choose one bitcoin because one bitcoin is higher than ten eth.You can see on the chart that it started going off the rails around February.Ethereum is pretty cheap now. It will most definitely go up soon.If for a tactical and fast gain, 10 eth is better, I also wait for eth news like your explanation, but my comment about price increase after eth into POS, will still make the bitcoin price higher, whatever happens to eth will always benefit bitcoin.

So, I would tell you that this is the only best advantage and even the best on advantage which can take you higher.I think for now most people will choose 1 BTC, because 10 ETH is not enough to beat the bitcoin price, but if the ETH price returns to 0.15, then everyone will certainly choose 10 ETH.By holding both coins, you will have more chance to earn money.Check the price, ETH is worth less than 0.1 BTC, so it is better 1 BTC than 10ETH.They both will grow but bitcoin will be more profitable than ethereum.If your going to invest, I think it is better to invest on bitcoin for you to have a higher profit but you really need patience, perserverance, and diligence for you to become rich.Some people like to invest in ETH or diversify funds among different currencies, but I personally would prefer for now to put all my tickets in BTC.If you choose 1 Bitcoin than 10 Ethereum, 1 bitcpin is higher than 10 Ethereum.

Btc price can be double or more than the current price today.Ethereum is a very good altcoin at this moment but Bitcoin is the main and the best cryptocurrency for all time till now and will be at the future I think.BTC just hits it ATH and seem to be stagnant for a pretty long time and reach for another level fo ATH, while in the other side, ETH is now currently on its low point.Many people predict that 2018 will be a good year for Ethereum because it is used more and more for various smart contracts and ICO projects, so it is likely that ETH will rise more than Bitcoin in 2018.So when one is down, for sure the other coin will be down as well.Eth will be good choices instead of bitcoin.10 eth is a good amount for holding.ETH has a bright future that I you can buy ETH coin without any hesitation.But Etherium is surely going to earn some more value appreciation before the year ends.If anything Satoshi wouldve wanted something like Ethereum to exist in the cryptoworld.Longer term Ethereum is the way to go (IMO) but right now bitcoin has a much bigger upside and any spare capital I have is going there.

Quote from: glynbueso on August 10, 2017, 03:45:39 AM Mmm I think you should buy 70% bitcoin and 30% ETH.If I will choose between the two, I will choose 1 BTC and hold and use it for a long-term hold.I cannot even afford to own a single ETH unless it drops half value soon.ETH has a bigger chance of doubling in value than BTC,,, but BTC is the one for the long-term growth.Each investment in Bitcoin today, after some time can double.I know now the value of holding coins that has a good future.But my prediction is completely different because the supply ETH 5Times higher than Bitcoin.That is right, we can not know what is the cryptocurrency for the decision of whale.

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ETH is definitely going to rise exponentially as well, though. the practicality of the etherium is not even worth talking about, because everyone knows about it.I would definitely choose 10 ETH instead of having to choose 1 BTC because according to my prediction ETH will grow because of being more used than BTC.Both coins has the potential to increase in value very much in 5 years.Recently ETH got huge price increase. Is there any specific reason for that much of Increase ?.Yeah I agree with many of these comments, Eth would be my choice, its used as a fuel to buy into ICO coins, if you find a good coin you like (for example i bought into the Bitquence ICO) you can then use 1-2 eth each one and either make a decent return (40 x on bitquence) or use the coins themselves for the intended purposes.If I can afford to invest 3000 dollar now, I buy both Ethereum and Bitcoin ( 0.8 BTC and 2 ETH).