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I move my XMR and DASH to XVG recently, this coin is under-valuated vs the 2 others.So thus you guys go mix the hell out of 23 Easter eggs (perhaps you mixed them 1000 UTXO or more) and then claim that as refutation of anything, just goes to show what devious liars you are.I see little point in discussing this here any further since the author of the blog in question has been banned on this forum.

As long as people still trade guns and drugs there will always be need for these coins I agree, but Dash and Monero are more and more being challenged by coins like XVG.With rising commercialisation and regulation the use of mixers and other methods of anon transactions could even become a felony soon, unless there are backdoors built in for law enforcement.Especially Dash, it really intrigues me, I may even get one of the 25 shared masternodes to get some free dividends, Dash is technological nonsense as well as being a masternode scam.

All this appears to be a very far-fetched scenario and would very noticeable as the transaction volume spikes up.How tired do I get of every one of 1000s of n00bs come in this thread and make some statement that is nonsense and had already been refuted many times.What we really need is a legal way to finance many development groups.

The latest series of busts provided law enforcement with a huge trove of data.Do not forget this and will have some problems until they fix them.In practice, however, the record-keeping capabilities of Internet service providers and other network resource maintainers tend to frustrate that intention.You mention Ring CT, so next time you should also add an estimation when and with how big chance.The others seem like they may be better -- but the crypto is somewhat untested and resource heavy.Tradechat Archive 2017 Feb 24 Page3. dont hate, just buy piqdesigns:. Anyone have any suggestions on a good place to start?.As long as people still trade guns and drugs there will always be need for these coins.

Well I suppose it could be exchanged for crypto-rubles for 13% fee.And we all know that Monerotards enjoyed trolling my reputation and insulting me.The only anonymous cryptocurrencies are those that deploy Zero Knowledge Proofs.One more thing: Ring CT has a single point of failure, once its exploited the whole thing is blown.

Mostly I was just trying to point out that when it comes to talking down Monero, most people are quite lacking.He told me today in chat that he wants you to know he smiled about the above quote.Analytics could be done for every crypto (except for Zcash) yes, but it would be especially attractive to do that on a crypto where its users think they are anonymous.Quote from: supertee on October 27, 2017, 07:43:00 AM Quote from: panju1 on October 27, 2017, 07:41:26 AM Quote from: 3DBrushes on October 26, 2017, 05:57:36 PM Is dash really an anonymous coin.Should drop to 0.005 BTC eventually (may have one more spike up first).Open source means that everyone can read what is in code so see what is there.All questions of legality aside, their demands will be met by suppliers (legally, or illegally).You do not comprehend the subject matter, that is why you mistakenly think he does not comprehend.

Seems that Monero folk are trying to sweep this under the rug.Quote from: supertee on August 08, 2017, 06:37:21 PM Yesterday, Verge Dev proofed on Twitter that Monero user-IPs can be found in the network.I believe Dash will increase like Monero soon, just after Monero complete pump to the moon.Grin ) Optional anonymity generally means your anonymity set is abysmal.Just to be clear, my animosity towards Anonymint is due to his constant claims of having an amazing solution, while never releasing it. e.g. He comes into a technical discussion, points out what he perceives to be a flaw, and claims his solution fixes the flaw.

I dont think there is any coin in existence he would not find a point of failure.There must be some solid steps taken by the technical teams otherwise they to listen to the music.PS: I now expect totally new argument from you LOL, maybe something about bot mining or no development found or big transaction size.Without privacy, businesses can not even use cryptocurrency because it means their competitors could track their activity.The theft of SegWit probably comes if ever, perhaps some months later, perhaps around the time of the November fork.Jihan has all his balls in play to capture all the outflow and using relativity to extract our money from us.The spending of Bitcoin tokens can be secure against quantum computing (despite the aforementioned PoW flaw).

The Chinese have better ways to control Bitcoin than destroying any confidence that people have in it.So probably better to be looking something like XVG which is cheap and has good potential.Monero is fungible and it is ideal for all exchanges because they cant check from where founds come to the wallet that had deposit on their exchange so no worries at all.That can tell you a lot about how successful they have been in developing privacy centered solutions.It is still in alpha so I guess only some knows how will work. and if it will not work will be abandoned.Pointing to flaws is being positive towards an open source projects, that is how open source projects improve, you put it in the wild, it gets attacked, then you fix.