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Skellige68: whale just putting his wall on ETH then buying cheaper.Xoblort: laudex, If you have previously changed your username this option will not be present but you can try.ETH is gas, gas is ETH, gas is used to power all ethereum based applications no matter what chain they are on.

RickRoller: I think a lot of people buying into pumps are going to be left with a big pecker in the butt and holding a bag.Savigny: It maybe will have a correction but still think eth is bullish.Mirai: antonivanovevgen, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.They seem to be the most paranoid and brittle community in all of cryptocurrencies.SideShowBob: cryptodinero, well thats a matter of enterpratation.Mirai: Nrg1980, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.NooberDog: Agent86, nope going to look for it now thanks lol. how could anyone argue gold when compared to crypto.Mirai: ah663214, your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it can take up to 24 hours for support to review and process your withdrawal.

Nordman: RickRoller, most high rollers are at a level of verification where they have contacts with management.MIGA: Mirai, no no, its classic post in to trollbox, little bit strange, mouste be network.Badfish: Damnit only the prominent coins are getting recongnition.

BathrobeBillionaire: youcanonlydothisonce, I heard ZEC will be back at 3M by lunchtime.Agent86: 2ez28u, Yeah, some low satoshi coins may pay off big someday but the probability is low for most of them.Xoblort: salvador.lobo, If you have previously changed your username this option will not be present but you can try.Febo: Michex, there is nothing wrong and will not be anything wrong. monero is on same path last 2 years.OneDollarBill: i am playing with fire. managed to short dash 2 times now with profits:DD.AAAwrek: feeling real good that I sold 200 dash at 16.00 on February 10th.damn.Enforcer: jwgealt, exactly. and many ppl are buying news on eth and dash.ButcherofBallyhoo: funny how ppl dont get that dash will supplant btc.SideShowBob: crack6t, i understand that as a kid we didnt eat meat but once a week but we saved.

Jumpy: My average buy for dash position was 0.0221, so I think I can handle a small correction.Raiden: amoebatron, when you count that the community is much bigger.Altair: moonshiner, today dash equal and rise zec. just waiting.Nahkampfschaf: damocles, another. and another. and another. for sure.This trading chat comes from the chat box on Poloniex.com an active altcoin trading website.

La revista de Taos. volume (Taos, Nuevo México), 09 April 1909. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <http://chroniclingamerica.loc.Xoblort: Alfie, do not share private information in here please.Enforcer: SouthEth, i meant operators, one who controls 30% added dash other corporation that controls 70 % will not. talking about individual atms is just ridiculous.NooberDog: RIP to those who bought at 280. bagholders being made by the second:P.JDM: Shinn, no i dont think that but wall of coin was an easy way to buy bit coins with cash when I was starting and didnt want to put my personal info in.NooberDog: noobtrader, the opportunity this creates for a short on the flip side is insane. i expect dash to go back to 15usd easily.Cryptoptimus: I expect a trend reversal on bts soon now that they cleared some longs off the books.Zebra: ABBA, those questions in trollbox will do you no good. research on your coin.

Saving Screens is available for members only. Please register and / or login to save this screen Login.CoinDreamer: Major alts getting stronger.that means something.OneDollarBill: stotoyan, for a 2nd time now. will take profit and gonna wait for 3rd time.Agent86: lobujit, Yeah its best to just write them down (printers arent secure) and seal them in an envelope in a safe place.PooSlingingFoo: yeah the guy is basically saying the enterprise businesses are backing linux and eth.

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SideShowBob: RickRoller, you sent over 1000000 in one transaction.lol.

Squidlings: malik, just people who bought cheap selling to cash their profits.SideShowBob: StardogChampion, i already have a 2006 sl500 i love.SideShowBob: Shamoo, here is my wife doing a steveie ray song in austin last year.RickRoller: FYI, one of my small btc withdrwals from an hour ago went through.SideShowBob: Shamoo, yeah its my main ride but i like the sl for the power and the boze system rocks.

Zebra: Brickwood, news are not here in trollbox. here you can get decent amount of trolling only.Didoo: decentralise, read the dash Subreddit there have been lots of developments and more to come.SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, yeah for some reason a lot of folks dont save.HappyIdea: lol imagine owning 1 mil qtl, you could be the town joke.

RickRoller: BTC WITHDRAWALS seem to be working again, my two withdrawals from over an hour ago are in the mempool.SouthEth: Enforcer, and i just watched a crypto vid that is opening another ATM international system who just added dash this week.Zebra: kevintylermartin, it will not be nice. for enterprise there will be separate network pythereum. so. ETH will get nothing from it but more complexity.Nordman: SideShowBob, you know I think I have heard that such and such coin is the next btc for to many years lol.